Drama, Feel good, Mystery, Random Fiction

January 16th and 17th

Mad Love – Spalding, Nick  

Genre: Drama (3 stars read on Kindle unlimited)

If the author refrained from using swear words i would enjoy the book more because of a deadly sense of humour and sarcasm. Sarcasm makes me feel slightly smarter when i spot it in writing ( i find it harder to sense in usual conversation ) because it feels like a hidden gem which i managed to uncover (sad…i know 😉 ) This is a typical story of yin and yang thrown together each with their own tale to tell and equally sarcastic to boot. The end is expected, its just the trip there is funny.

Moral Defense (Samantha Brinkman, #2) – Clark, Marcia

Genre : Mystery (Lawyer)(3 stars read on Kindle unlimited)

This is the return of our more than slightly crooked attorney with a new case to defend as well as her own life. She deals with a client who seems to have more tricks up her sleeve than Samantha herself.Doesn’t mean she is guilty.Or maybe it does.   Also contains some tough to handle situations.

A Marcelli Wedding: The Marcelli Bride & The Marcelli Princess – Mallery, Susan 

Genre : Feel Good ( 4 Stars)

Susan Mallery is a good writer whose writing places her out of the chick lit criteria for the same reason ( this is all slightly arbitrary and is solely related to my emotional equation with such a book)  Not all the three books are equally good. This is a continuation of a typically large family introduced in earlier books with similiar names(The family not the people) but the people are interesting and therefore worth the time and effort

Pecan Pie and Deadly Lies (An Adams Grove Novel Book 4) – Naigle, Nancy

Genre : Feel Good mystery ( 3 Stars on Kindle unlimited audible)

As can be seen i went on a spree with this series. On kindle unlimited, this series was available with free narration which helped since i could listen to it while doing chores as well as sustaining my current addiction to candy crush ( i know i am behind times) . This picks up from the end of the second book of the series with Kasey truly well settled in adams grove and trying to figure out what comes next. The drama that unfolds is slightly different than expected and pretty good.

If You Were Here – Lancaster, Jen

Genre : Random fiction ( gave it a grudging 3 stars)

This book was not highly rated on goodreads. I should not have picked it up without checking. But i persisted in completing it. It did not have enough to make me enjoy it but also was not trashy enough for me to drop it and move on to the next book. So this complicated mindset let me make it 3 stars. It is the story of a couple trying to mimic HGTV and also the lead lady to try and live out her childhood fantasies. If you ever end up with the book ..read it. If you see it sitting on a shelf along with other options then definitely try something else.( The writing was more fun than the story 🙂 )

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