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A Picture of Murder (Lady Hardcastle Mysteries #4) by T E Kinsey

Lady Hardcastle is back! I finally gave up kidding myself that I was actually going to ‘read’   any of the books on my kindle list when there were so many audible additions I could use . When I want to read, I have all those advance copies and the books from my library. So I bumped off a book or two and was unsatisfied with another and the day this book released I started listening to it! (That was on the 23rd)

I must mention that this is narrated by Elizabeth Knowelden who is brilliant! I sometimes have a very strong feeling my rating jumps up from a four to a five only because of the joy of hearing her narration. I normally do not gush, but reserve it for such occasions.


I have really enjoyed this series and reviewed the older books here( do click on the covers  to read my earlier remarks!):

A Quiet Life In The Country (Lady Hardcastle Mysteries #1) In the Market for Murder (Lady Hardcastle Mysteries #2) Death around the Bend (Lady Hardcastle Mysteries #3) Christmas at The Grange (Lady Hardcastle Mysteries #3.5)

The two women are back with a new interesting tale. I love the fact that we are four books in and they are no active romances ( although I usually like them, in this case it seems to be so much better without) and the women are self-assured and happy. Every time I hear the narrator/ Lady Hardcastle call Armstrong ‘Tiny servant’ I have to laugh despite it being the one thing I have mentioned laughing at multiple times before. The narrator is brilliant but the writing is equally fun!

The moving pictures are in town and Lady Hardcastle is playing host (unexpectedly). Their arrival coincides with all hallows eve (as does the book itself) and spooky things start to happen. Someone starts to hunt down the actors in the most suspicious of ways. The case was pretty convoluted and though I guessed right a couple of times, I always dismissed it immediately after thinking it couldn’t possibly be true. The highlight of this installment is we finally get thorough details of their adventures before ‘settling’ in this not-so-quiet locality. Florence is biting and witty as usual and the people are so nice to each other. The book is so lighthearted and full of laughter (despite all the heavy background of spookiness and the murders) that it made my day to finish listening to it today. I have been having (special) good luck with my cozy mystery reads.

My KU list now looks a lot different from my last one:

Letters from the Dead (Jefferson Tayte Genealogical Mystery #7) by Steve Robinson

This is the order I intend to listen to them in. What do you think?(The covers link back to their Goodreads profiles)

  39924779 18799615  39083132 31815415  37759102 38721899 The Stones, the Crows, the Grass, the Moon (Missing collection) by [Kirn, Walter] 36434976 289870 40657699

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