The Case of the Counterfeit Eye (Perry Mason #6) by Erle Stanley Gardner

If you are interested in following my recent foray into listening to Perry Mason books and seeing how I am enjoying them you can check out my older reviews:

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Narrated by Alexander Cendese

The series continues to be fun and snappy. Even with my usual listening speed, it seems to take a very short time for me to start and finish one of the books as well as the additional advantage of it being a wacky problem with the oddest of quirks and whatever the ending, the ride to the end is quite different every time.

This time, the narration begins with the focus on a glass eye, the specifications of it and the odd fear of it being used to frame a client. From that point, the water continues to get muddier by the minute with more clients than victims being added to Perry Mason’s list for just the one crime. He makes seemingly off-the-cuff decisions, but he helps us by charmingly explaining it all and letting us know how well informed he was for the most part! I cannot say much more without giving something away, and although I could have zeroed in on the culprit, I was also bamboozled with the sideshow that I did not even try to figure the main perpetrator out! This last part is not the norm with me, but I did not feel annoyed with the turn of events. This format works well for the narration and just the right amount of attention to like the experience.

My last KU post was Gone to Darkness (Sydney Rose Parnell #4) by Barbara Nickless and my queue now looks like this:

 Yellow Crocus audiobook cover art Don't Make a Sound audiobook cover art  The Body Counter audiobook cover art 45421662. sx318  53939794. sx318  The Buried World audiobook cover art 54575748. sx318 The Mountain audiobook cover art 30807979 54831503. sx318

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