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Non-Fiction November 2022 Week 1: My Year In Non-Fiction

My post for last year was: NonFiction November Week 1: Year in NonFiction. I have a lot of non-fiction pending, ones that I thought I would get to by this stage of the year. Unfortunately, it does take longer to read a book with so much content than it does my other fiction reads. I think I will be happier with the variety the next year than I am with this one.

Please link back to Katie if you are participating this year as well!

I love participating in this (this is my third year) because I end up challenging myself at the very beginning of the year because I know I will be tallying it up by November. I have managed to expand my reading horizons much beyond anything I ever thought of managing pre-blogging and it continues to change and grow every year. I recently even purchased a book or two that I had tagged in this event two years ago! I plan to be diligent and note down books for my TBR and be a better participant this time around, something I never managed to do the previous years.

I did not total the Non-Fiction I read this year, but I am able to put them in the following broad categories. I link back the books to the reviews if you are interested in checking them out! I would recommend all the ones I have listed here(to varying degrees as my reviews will attest), it is hard for me to pick just one (book or topic, as is obvious from my listing below).


This is a topic I often end up indulging in. This time I went a litle beyond just picture books.

This is a fun book, written well!
The best under this heading this year!
A very good way to get the most inportant information in
I put this next to similar cover just for laughs. At least the bird is a different species!


It’s more about the culture than the butterflies by the end
Light but effective




This did not fit any where else either!

16 thoughts on “Non-Fiction November 2022 Week 1: My Year In Non-Fiction”

    1. Thank you! 😃For a couple of years in India( it’s a staple there as the book confirmed for me), still have my license. The fascinating part was how early electric was in the mix but not given enough funding to grow

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  1. I’m terrible at keeping track of my to-read list from this event myself! There are always just so many books to remember.
    I’m very curious what the relationship is between the two elephant trunk covers. Same elephant photo just edited? Elephants also hold birds so two different pictures? I’ve no idea!

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