Meme, Six in Six

Six In Six -2022 Edition

This is one of the first memes that I did and just one of two that I am sticking with since I started blogging. It is hosted by Jo @ TheBookJotter. It turns ten this year!

I have only participated in it since: 2018. My last few posts were:

I have already done a Mid-Year post, but this is different. I use it to throw a little light on any book that I feel could get a little more attention from the ones I have read. I do not stick to any one genre and this is also a good way to look back at the randomness that usually is my year (or in this case half year) in books.

The process is quite simple. You look at the master list linked above and find six topics that you can list six books under. If you create a new heading, you can link back to the main post and Jo will add it to the main list for the following year!

I would also love to know how you compile this list, if, like me, you are in the habit of joining in this very fun event? Do you mark them as and when you meet a book you think would fit, and use them? I find it hard to plan that far ahead, and I am a planner by nature! I left the compiling of this post a little late this year and was curious about how others deal with it.

Six From the Non-Fiction Shelf

This will be revisited in November (hopefully) where I will elaborate further on my reading non-fiction since last november.

Six books I have enjoyed the most

Each of these is a completely different type of book! It is a good way for me to look at my half-year in books and feel good about all the stories I have been a part of.

Six physical books I have read

The library was well utilized this year!

Six book covers I love

I may not have enjoyed all these books equally. But look at the covers!

I liked this more for the literal slice of the world image which was fulfilled by the variety in the stories

Six book covers that bear no resemblance to the story contained within

Not as cutesy as the covers might let people believe, a little more depth was present in the first three.

This was not as cutesy
The age group of the narrative had absolutely nothing to do with this skinny woman on the cover
This does not indicate much about the character of the detective at all.
I continue to adore the series’ covers but the stories are not as dramatic as this, it leans more between police procedural and cozy mysteries.

Six books that took me by the hand and led me into the past

For one reason or the other, these stories made me think of a time long ago in places around the world.

All the full-length reviews are linked to the covers.


5 thoughts on “Six In Six -2022 Edition”

    1. It’s always fun to participate! Thanks for hosting!It takes a long time for me to go through non fiction, so they might end up clumped together 😆 but I have been experimenting more in the last few years

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