#FlashbackFriday, Meme

#FlashBackFriday – January 2020

My previous post (last year) for this meme was : #FlashBackFriday December 2019

Have you already seen my post Mega Stats 2020! ? I was so excited by it on the 1st friday of this year and this month, that I could not get myself to compile this post. I am therefore doing it one week late. I always want to participate and browse through my old reviews. This is a monthly meme hosted by Kerry @ ChatAboutBooks and is a look back at all the posts made the previous year on the same month. Please do check out the old reviews if you find the cover intriguing, turns out some of the reviews are actually pretty interesting.

I started last year off quite well from the looks of it, now it remains to be seen if I do something similar this year or not!

Posts made in Jan 2020

Books I gave 5 stars to

Stay audiobook cover art
I hope I have another of her books to review this january!
Extremely descriptive review!

Books I gave 4 stars to

40874032. sy475
Did not continue with this series!
39346652. sy475
I have not made much headway into the rest of this series 😦
52357843. sx318 sy475
52278999. sx318 sy475
40097951. sy475
My friends liked this waay better than I did!
50814751. sx318 sy475
44154597. sy475
Smoke and Summons audiobook cover art
Did not stick with this series either!
42421761. sy475
The same friend who liked silent patient was extremely surprised by why I said I gave it 4 stars :’)
48592493. sy475
50357692. sx318

Books I gave 3 stars to

Lying Next to Me audiobook cover art
18739426. sy475
Excise audiobook cover art
52177876. sx318 sy475

Books I did not enjoy

50785799. sx318 sy475
48589660. sy475
44375176. sy475

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